The traction pillow: a verified and approved method?

Clinically proven virtues

Its name may not ring a bell, but its effects on the body are multiple. Indeed, the spinal traction pillow is an effective source of relief after long days where the neck, the back and the vertebrae were very often solicited. These pillows have been the subject of numerous studies in renowned American and European universities. The results are very encouraging and positive. The daily use allows to reabsorb a herniated disc or disc protusion, rehydrates effectively a vertebral disc, fights against cervical arthrosis.

A simple and painless use

Designed and manufactured to be as easy as possible to use, the spinal traction pillow offers its user a pleasant and painless experience. By inflating the pillow with a small pump, it helps maintain alignment and stretch the neck for effective and long-lasting relief.

In addition, these pillows can be used to relax ligaments and cervical muscles that allow the head to rest on our shoulders. While wearing the neckpillow, it is even possible to continue activities such as reading, watching television, checking email, etc.

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