Telecommuting: do people suffer from neck pain?

What is spinal compression?

Have you ever experienced back pain? Or neck pain from bending over your computer? You probably have spinal compression but don't know it yet. Indeed, this compression is a pain that affects more and more American people, especially because of telecommuting these days. Years of bad posture, carrying too much weight and vertebral pains appear.

How to treat these pains?

Various treatments exist, including one whose reputation is only growing: the spinal traction neck pillow.

A very easy-to-use tool, the pillow allows you to stretch and relieve the neck, especially after having stressed the dorsal and cervical vertebrae throughout the day. The vertebral bodies are thus spread out and the blood circulation flows correctly again, which gives the user a very satisfying feeling of well-being. Stretching the neck also oxygenates the muscles in the long term, allowing for a better recovery after a sports session or continuous effort. Massages as well as localized physical exercises can complete the use of the pillow.

If you had to choose only one device to treat neck and back pain, we recommend the spinal traction pillow which appears to us to be the simplest and, above all, pain-free solution.

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